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Where Information Becomes Transformation

​​As a Vitality Coach I support my clients through transforming information into sustainable change as we develop a goal oriented action plan to align intentions with results.  My wholistic approach supports my clients as they eliminate stress, re-prioritize, re-organize, let go, and focus on what truly feeds their purpose. 


This process also tends to uncover the roots of self-negating beliefs around image, worth or boundaries and exploring these stories creates space for new energy to grow.  

What would your Incredible Edible Journey look like?

one step at a time

This program is designed for busy clients who are committed to taking small consistent actions towards their goals of enhanced well-being 

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the fork in your path

This program is for clients who have a more urgent need for change.   Where more drastic dietary or circumstantial shifts are required to bring your life into balance

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Hanging Flower

Please book a FREE 15 Minute Connection (phone call) prior to your very first session with Ellen

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step"

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