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At The Edible Journey we understand that prepping and cooking nutritious meals can be challenging and time consuming.

We want to support you on your healthy Edible Journey so we have created the Meal Prep Plan,

offering a convenient and nutritious solution to your healthy meal struggles!

Choose your box of greens then choose your favourite ingredients and salad toppings -

or try something new!

Need some ideas? We can help with that too!

Click on "GET STARTED" and we will email you a printable copy of our order form below!

Food Fairy Quickie

let us nourish you!

We use organic, seasonal and locally sourced or organically home grown ingredients wherever possible.

You can also add on soups, frozen prepared meals, freshly made salads, dips, sauces,  desserts or wellness remedies from our menu and Market fridge

when you come to pick up your order (or add it to your home delivery)!

Most of our items (including desserts) are gluten/dairy-free and vegan.  We use ethically raised or organic meats wherever possible in our meat dishes.

It is our mission to make it easy for you to feel healthy and vibrant!

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