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Our Telegraph House location is now OPEN

for (covered) Zen patio dining every day!

Weekdays from 11 until 5

Weekends (including Holiday Mondays) from 9 until 5 with All Day Breakfast

Offering our vibrantly healthy perhaps surprisingly delicious

All Day Breakfast and Lunch menu.

With our focus as always (but not exclusively)

on fresh organic Superfood-infused vegan and gluten/dairy-free creations!

Mondays Thursdays Fridays we stay open until 8 for Dinner Plates

         Click HERE to see our full Zen Patio Menu!



We are also open for take-out

from either our Zen Patio Menu or our Delivery Menu!

 We have fresh Smoothies and Juices, Superfood Lattes and Frappes

our delicious gluten/dairy-free and vegan Desserts Breads and Treats

and everything you need to achieve your healthy eating intentions!

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We are bursting with ideas for an exciting summer season!

Wishing you could fill your fill your fridge

with delicious healthy choices?

We're making it easier for you!

Our Food Fairy services have expanded to provide delivery

within Port Stanley, St Thomas and area on Tuesday evenings,

and delivery to London on Wednesday evening.

View our Delivery Menu HERE

and call us at 519 614-3266 to order by 9pm the night before.

(You can also order via IG/FB messenger or email to

It's that easy!


Every Wednesday Thursday and Friday

we will be serving a special garden themed Theatre Lunch Menu

so you can enjoy your show with a quiet belly and clear mind!

Open at 11  

*reservations recommended for Theatre-goers

519 614-3266


We are now open on Monday Thursday Friday and Saturday evenings

from 5 until 8ishpm

living our best life with an evening of whimsical culinary Dinner Plates!

"Casual sharing plates for a unique dining experience

featuring our favourite seasonal flavours with healthy creative twists

inspired to nourish your soul and your being"

We are still....

whipping up classy party food and delightfully tedious appetizers

for celebrations or gatherings of any kind,

and packaging up healthy lunches for corporate workshops...

Delivering special Wellness care packages to souls who are home sick...

Putting together Cleanse and Detox Packages,  Nourishing Greens Boxes,

Food Fairy and Meal Prep Packages

Listening to loud music, and singing out loud,  dancing like banshees

and occasionally wearing clean pyjamas to work because they're too comfy...

And our little cutie Seventeen has returned to our garden patio for another season

to fill his cheeks with organic nuts and seeds!  Yaay!!


If any of our services can bring health or the joy of food into your life call us at:

519 614-3266

We would love to hear from you!

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