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Stacy, our local Health Inspector stopped in to offer advice for the renovation!  A new kitchen plan, a few sinks, some new counters.... and a sprayhose, because I`ve always wanted one!   Thanks Stacy!

November 2020

Marble top work tables have arrived!  (well not really marble because that would be really heavy and expensive)   But they look amazing and will be perfect for Interactive Workshops!

The painting is almost complete - yes green and purple for health and vitality!  (other than the kitchen to finish after the reno)

The plants are enjoying the sunshine that pours through the windows, and micro greens are happily thriving in the light.

I can`t wait to plan a tiny garden alongside the building next year!  I see tomatoes, herbs, edible flowers...

My Food Fairy chair found me by cosmic intervention, a gift from an old friend just down the street.    I can`t imagine anything more perfect, except I`m not sure when I will ever have time to sit down...   Thank you Ann!

Emelie, our local Fire Prevention Officer stopped in to make sure everything was in place for fire safety!  Thanks Emelie!

Plans are underway for some gorgeous hand made wall cabinets for my skincare ingredients.  Complete with stained glass and iron butterfly hinges.  I can`t wait!  Thanks Rob!

While November looked pretty, December is coming in with a BIG MESS!  The tearing out of old cabinets and moving out old appliances to make way for new more suitable ones.

It was an adventure to get my new (old) stove but it finally made it's way from Toronto to it's new home.  Thank you Abi!    A retro Moffat, electric version for now but maybe gas one day down the road.....

December 2020

Justin and James are working hard to install new counter tops and making a plan for the 3 sink system required for the Health and Safety certification.   So many details to figure out!

Things are moving quickly this week with Justin and James coming almost every day.  Counters and sinks are in with a new space saving dish rack and my spray hose!

In every project there is a piece that stands out, one that is special and breathes it's own life into the space.  In this case, my new Summer Mint Green fridge by UNIQUE will be a joy to open and close many times a day!

Sinks have arrived!  All three of them (with a hand washing bowl on the way).  Laying the cut outs down so no mistakes are made!  Wait for the spray hose....

A long search resulted in just the right backsplash tiles, and a lucky find offered the idea for a mosaic wall which has just been started - more to come this week...

All set up for gift basket wrapping! 

The handwashing bowl sink is in, with a faucet in the works..

The new kitchen design, with a surprise take-out window!  How convenient! 

The fridge has found it's permanent home, rounding out the efficient use of space.  Hiding boxes of Christmas chocolates waiting for their new homes!

Moody curtains to hide the "marble" shelves under the cabinets, real marble tiles for kitchen shelving to hold all my green sparkly glass dishes and some iridescent wheatgrass shot glasses (yes those are silver pineapples)

Gorgeous cabinets for my skincare supplies are on the wall!  Made from barnboard and panes of beautiful milky white and grey glass.  Complete with iron buttefly hinges!

January 2021

Finally the divider required to keep hand washing away from the counter space has been installed, along with the faucet!  Happy Handwashing!

Shelving has been installed along the back wall - a pantry shelf for the kitchen and a display shelf for serving dishes and glass platters!

Enough shelving to hold my glass collection of platters and dishes, along with a pantry shelf for small equipment and food items.

A lucky find in tile finished off in green mosaic to highlight the end of the counter by the hand washing sink

I've learned that mosaics are very tedious.  My vertical one needs to be completed in layers to avoid slippage, and the trick is getting the exact consistency of grout.  None the less, a perfect project to tackle during the covid lockdown!

My Eternal gratitude to:

Cate Deyle

Kathrin Campbell

Marna Berry

Jane Walker

Krista Aalders-Murphy

Michelle Renaud

Brenda Jennings


Larry Wilkins

Rob Boucher

Ann Stevens

Justin and James

Jennifer Hunter

Kristen Dilley

Nancy Luftnegger

Leslie and Mike Atkinson

Katherine Englander

Steve Jenken

Sam Carew

Barb Matthews

Gail-Lynn Gastaldi

Dave Wyles

Nan Finlayson (my mom)

Jenny Calnan

Kim Saunders of The WindJammer

Lauren Vandixhoorn of SoLo

Thank you for your contributions,  purchasing my products, for sharing my project with your friends and families and taking the time to send your positive thoughts!  It all makes a difference!

Thank you for your support and I look forward to feeding you very soon!


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