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THE Edible Journey

194  Main St in Port Stanley ON

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Ellen Lacroix

You can find us in The Harbour House (same building as Joshua and Co).  We are on the South dockside (towards Little Beach) of the building,

on the lower level facing South - through the small resident parking lot and just below the Canada flag!

Please note the parking lot is for residents of the building only, our customers should use the available street parking.  Thank you!

(our new signs are coming soon - we're super excited and it will be easier for you to find us!)

The Edible Journey is an eclectic space - filled with color and vibrancy designed to encourage self-care, vitality and culinary inspiration. 

While we have a tiny seating area for friends who find each other in our space,

 we are set up to mainly provide quick convenient nutrient-rich meals for you to take out

We are also happy to "reserve" our seating area for your small group if you call ahead.

We offer a fresh organic Juice Bar

with green smoothies, daily juices, wheatgrass and Immune Booster Shots

The Edible Journey uses compostable straws made from cornstarch and reeds!

In fact most of our packaging is made from paper, leaves, or glass

and we offer a bottle return on all our glass containers!

We have a fresh healthy salad bar

highlighting vibrant veggies, microgreens, whole grains and legumes, nuts, seeds, bacon...

We have a "Green Wall" in our space where we grow all our own organic microgreens and wheatgrass!

Our dressings are made in-house using superfoods and ingredients to enhance your diet

We make delicious healthy (wheat and dairy-free, low sugar) desserts too!

In the winter months we will nourish you with healing comforting soups filled with nutrients

In the summer we will cool you off with refreshing healthy iced beverages and popsicles

We offer Chaga Coffees, Hibiscus Latte's, Healing Herbal Teas, Beauty Waters

let us be your healthy breakfast destination

with our nourishing Breakfast Bowls, Power Snacks and special breakfast treats!

We celebrate and understand Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, and other specialized diets

(although be warned, we do love our nuts, and our nutty people too)

Ask us how we can help you with your healthy meal planning or food preparation!

We will (hopefully soon) be opening up our evenings to special events!

Private Interactive Culinary Celebrations, Cooking Classes, Workshops, SkinFood Parties...


We offer our own handmade line of organic Botanical Skincare products called GLOW SkinFood

because we believe that how you feed your skin is just as important as how you feed your belly!

We know Port Stanley brings many new faces in the warmer months,

however it is our priority to ensure our own community is well fed and feeling the good energy!

Check out some pics below as we grew into our new space!

December 2020 - January 2021

November 2020

October 2020

My Eternal gratitude to:

My dear friends, special people from all areas of my life - current and past, new friends who have come into my life, and our local Elgin Business Resource Centre along with it's amazing team of experts.

Thank you all for your support, contributions, time and effort in sharing my project to help me grow my business idea into the incredible reality it has become.

The Edible Journey is now open for business! 

Without all of you this never would have been possible so


(if I could hug you all I would)

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Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to feeding you very soon!