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 I am from my soul a nurturer who believes in the magic of Culinary Healing.  Beyond any doubt this is my driving force behind my Edible Journey Visions.


My fascination with food, and the impact what you eat has on your body began almost 30 years ago when I landed a job at a natural foods store, and lost weight as I began experimenting and cooking with the foods we stocked.

Shifting my eating style rewarded me with more energy, glowing skin and hair, better sleep and reduced so many symptoms of dis-ease I had been experiencing,  not even realizing they weren't "normal".

 I felt amazing, I glowed and it showed!


My love for creating vibrant healing dishes blossomed - into a desire to feed others with the same passion - I call it "LOVE" but it goes deeper to connect you to your energy and your spirit.

I became a professional Chef and throughout my 25 year career felt compelled to use food to create energy and nourish your body so it could heal itself.   I wanted my eaters to feel the connections, the balance, the way it touched your mood, your thoughts, the way it grounded them or helped them soar.   I developed a unique style combining living healing foods

with the presentation and shine of a fine dining meal. 

It became my purpose to inspire others - to spread the "ripple effect" and living aligned with what truly feeds you - not just your body in a health sense, but also your inspirations, your goals and your purpose. 

No one can thrive

when they are just trying to survive. 


The toxins in your life can hurt you

as much as the toxins in your food.    

When you feed yourself to nurture yourself - whether you eat it, breathe it, absorb it,

read it, hear it, see it, feel it -

it will optimize and heal you. 

Just as the opposite is true - stress, abuse, diet, environment, lack of love, sleep, sun etc without a doubt will make you sick. 

Most people carry around some effects of this already - sadly affecting more children these days than ever before, including my own son - until I made the connections.

I am a mom to two boys, now teenagers and adamantly believe in the power of food when it comes to managing now common behavioral and health issues.  Working with my older son to overcome his ADHD grew into a passion for helping other kids and families with similar challenges.

I spent 5 years teaching cooking classes for children inspiring them to love the process of cooking and nourishing their bodies.  This has continued into helping clients develop meal plans and strategies to adapt to food allergies (often the root of behavioral issues specifically in children)!


I complement my culinary passions with a strong connection to gardening.   Ever expanding my oasis to include surprising heirloom varieties of vegetables in vibrant colors, herbs, edible flowers and fruits.  I infuse these wonders into my culinary healing philosophies and teachings.

My garden will also provide the inspiration and healing herbs for a skin and body care line I have been cultivating called

"Glow Skinfood"!


I have completed several training courses with various leaders in the areas of life transformations and personal breakthroughs.  My in depth understanding of emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and how to develop practical plans to follow your heart and achieve your true goals comes not only through education but from aligning my own life through these practices.  Nothing makes me happier than supporting my clients through their own positive changes and seeing them move forward into their dream lives.


What does your

Incredible Edible Journey look like?


My services cover anything you are feeding yourself that connects you to your health and happiness.


Imagine having vibrant meals full of flavor and health benefits

prepared for you by Ellen in your home - like having your own "Food Fairy".

Or learn to create them yourself by working alongside Ellen to build your customized Food Flow plan that accommodates your overflowing schedule!


Book an Interactive Dinner Party

for a night your guests will remember forever as they recreate the recipes with their own families and friends - spreading the effect long after your evening!



As a Vitality Coach I work with private clients who are essentially tired - both physically and figuratively - and know it is time to make some life-transforming changes. 

I offer a unique perspective based on the synchronicity of your life elements, which when viewed as a whole orchestra of magical connections can provide opportunity for incredible lasting transformations.

Whether they are committed to small consistent change towards finding relief within a chaotic schedule, or find themselves challenged into a more dramatic shift it all begins with the first small step.

The key is feeling supported, inspired, loved,

having the resources you need

and knowing I am committed to you

and your goals.


My long-term clients also experience more life-balance, achieve goals and dreams, and are able to live a more authentic life through the connections they experience when working with me.  Imagine living a life that feeds your purpose, your spirit, where what you do every day is aligned with what makes you feel alive!

Full Spectrum Healing looks beyond diet and into the all the connections that feed your energy, your body, your spirit,  your sense of fulfillment and true happiness.


Information is abundant - it is how you are able to apply this information to your life that becomes the change you wish to see.


It only takes one small step at a time to create massive change,

so today would be the perfect day to begin your

Incredible Edible Journey.

If you know anyone who is serious about changing what they are feeding themselves,  or the people they are feeding - in any sense of the spectrum, I would love to connect with them.

Thank you!

- Ellen

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