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vitality coaching

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the fork in your path

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Support and Guidance

Two weekly private phone sessions with Ellen providing support, guidance and accountability

Having access to a mentor every step of the way

Replacing old habits with new ones that enhance your health


Consistent action towards sustainable change

Resources and Information

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a new direction

A weekly full-spectrum action plan outlining  a direct path towards your Full Spectrum health and happiness goals

An in-depth look at behavior patterns, negating choices and emotions around your food choices


  Exploring and developing positive connections within the full spectrum of what you "feed" yourself


Defining a new path that aligns with you goals and your ultimate happiness!

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Vibrant seasonal recipes created by Ellen for you!

Food Flow - meal plans, personalized recipes and guidance towards your dietary changes, including any adjustments required for an allergy or health diagnosis

New product discovery and integration

10% off any Culinary Healing Services

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