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Brushing or swishing with coconut oil has been shown to help reduce bacteria in your mouth, helping to lower the chance that cavities will form.  Charcoal is excellent for absorbing toxins, and many believe it has a whitening effect on your teeth.  Myrrh and Cilantro are both effective for your mouth health.


For brushing simply scoop a bit out with your dry toothbrush, run your brush under a little water and brush as normal.

For oil pulling take 1 tbsp and place it in your mouth.  Allow it to melt and swish it around in your mouth, trying to get it into all the spaces and areas in your mouth.  Swish for a minimum of 10 minutes and up to 20 minutes.  Do Not Swallow!!  The oil will be full of bacteria and toxins when you are done swishing so make sure you spit it out into the garbage.  Rinse your mouth with clean water afterwards, spitting this out into the sink. 

I brush with this polish regularly, and do an oil pulling at least once a week. 

Glow Brightening Tooth Polish

  • Raw organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic charcoal powder, essential oils of Myrrh, Cilantro and Spearmint

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