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It's Christmas Time!

In any denomination and they never expire

059 (2).jpg

Matcha Coconut
Organic Latte
Ceremonial Matcha, coconut milk powder, coconut sugar
*GF / Vegan

Earl Grey Chocolate
Organic Latte Tin

Earl Grey Tea, dark chocolate
*GF / Vegan

Packaged in gorgeous colourful tins and perfect for gift giving!
Just add to your favourite milk.

Minter Blues
Organic Latte Tin

Gunpowder Green and Moroccan Mint tea, raw cocoa butter, cane sugar, Butterfly Pea Flower

*GF / Vegan

Pink Flamingo
Organic Latte Tin

Beet powder, Rooibos Tea, coconut milk powder, strawberry chocolate

*GF / Vegan

winter tea blend.jpg
reishi hot chocolate.jpg

Homemade Marshmallows
*Earl Grey Chocolate


teazer syrups.jpg

Winter Healing Tea

star anise, cinnamon, ginger, dandelion root, pink peppercorns, clove, green cardamom

Reishi Superfood Hot Chocolate *Organic
dark chocolate, reishi mushroom, turmeric, cinnamon, raw cocoa, cane sugar
*GF / Vegan

Botanical Teazer Syrups
*Matcha Pineapple
*Hibiscus Vanilla Rose
*Earl Grey Strawberry

*GF / Vegan
4oz vial $8 / 8oz bottle $16


Flavoured Grass Fed Butters
*Cranberry Orange Honey
*Maple Walnut
*Cinnamon Honey


chia jam.jpg

Strawberry Raspberry Honey Chia Jam
*GF / Vegan


Ceremonial Matcha

*GF / Vegan

Winter Wellness Blend
(organic cranberry, ginger and turmeric root, cinnamon, star anise, clove, citrus peel, raw honey)
*Immune support

winter elixer.jpg
BPF powder.jpg

Butterfly Pea Flower Powder
*GF / Vegan

chaga chunks.jpg

Chaga Mushroom Chunks

*GF / Vegan

truffles infused.jpg

Infused Truffle
Gift Boxes

*Earl Grey Caramel
*Dark Chocolate Espresso
*Minter Blues

small $10 / large $18

truffles vegan.jpg

Vegan Truffle
Gift Boxes

*Dark Chocolate Peppermint
*Passionfruit Coconut

*GF / Vegan
small $10 / large $18

cookie gift box with dates.jpg

GF Cookie Treat
Gift Boxes

*An assortment of GF cookies, stuffed Dates and Chocolate Dipped Apricots



Organic Brazil Nuts

4oz $6 / 8oz $12

lip hand bundles 1.jpg

Lip and Hand Repair Bundles
Organic Botanical Skincare

*Intense Lip Repair
*Hydrating Hand Salve


cookies GF.jpg

GF Cookie Gift Boxes
*Lemon Cloud Cookies
*Chocolate Mudslide Cookies
*Shortbread Cookies


granola 2.jpg

Superfood Chocolate Organic Granola
Brazil nuts, cinnamon, chaga mushroom, blueberry, beet, cocoa
*GF / Vegan

cookies gf vegan.jpg

GF Vegan Cookie Gift Boxes
*Chocolate Hazelnut Stars
*Matcha Sugar Cookies
*Maple Almond Shortbread

*GF / Vegan

gingerbread granola.jpg

Gingerbread Organic Granola
*GF / Vegan

Stuffed Dates and Chocolate Dipped Apricots
Gift Box

*GF / Vegan

cookies shortbread.jpg

GF Shortbread Gift Boxes
*Chocolate Cinnamon
*Lemon Cranberry Ginger
*Earl Grey


chocolate gingerbread tart.jpg

Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Tart
*GF / Vegan
box of 2x5" Tarts  $24  large 9" Tart $50

Come to our

Ohh La La Christmas Marche

on December 16th from 9-5pm

205 Main St in Port Stanley

at the Telegraph House!

**free samples and browse all our unique Christmas gift ideas!

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