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All Day Breakfast
*Saturdays, Sundays, and Holiday Mondays


Lemon Scented Ricotta Waffles   $20
Two fluffy waffles served with fresh seasonal fruit, Maple Rhubarb Compote and pure local Maple Syrup.

*NOW Gluten-free!
*Add a third waffle  $7
*Extra Maple Syrup  $4
*Add hormone-free Bacon (3 slices)  $4

Potato Latke Eggs Benny              $23

Crispy Potato Latkes on a bed of Arugula, topped with avocado, fresh tomato, grilled asparagus, poached duck eggs, crispy Proscuitto and our creamy duck egg Hollandaise

*Add hormone-free bacon (3 slices) $4

*GF / Vegan

Eggs benny.jpg

Free-Range Duck Egg Omelette      $21
Fluffy 3 egg (free-range duck eggs) omelette with seasonal veggies, baby spinach and our house-made Cashew Cheese, served alongside greens and roasted sweet potatoes, topped with fresh tomato, bacon crumbles and our favourite smoked sea salt.
*Add hormone-free bacon (3 slices) $4
*GF / DF 

Savoury Veggie Pancake               $18
Seasonal veggies in a savoury batter panfried into a thin pancake.  Topped with our house-made Kimchi, scallions and our Toasted Sesame Dipping Sauce
*Add hormone-free bacon $4
*GF / Vegan

veggie potato pancakes.jpg
breakfast bowl.jpg

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl              $18
Half fruit smoothie, half organic chocolate oatmeal, topped with super seeds, our housemade chocolate granola, banana slices and a peanut swirl

*GF / Vegan

Yogurt Parfait                              $15
Creamy Riviera Coconut Vanilla Yogurt topped with our house-made Chocolate Superfood Granola and fresh berries
*GF / Vegan

yogurt parfait.jpg
granola 2.jpg

Chocolate Superfood Granola         $16
Served with berries and organic Naked oat milk.
*GF / Vegan

Everything All Day Muffins           $12
3 muffins loaded with carrot, apple, spinach, berries, seeds, dried fruit with a hint of cinnamon and cardamom. Served with Maple Rhubarb Compote.
*GF / Vegan
*Add organic almond butter $3

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