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Organic Fresh Pressed Juices

Indulge in our favorite blends of fresh organic vegetables and fruits that are bursting with vibrant vitamins and nutrients. Detoxify, replenish, and revitalize your body with each refreshing sip.
Try our juices blended with ice or grab a bottle to go!

Pure Celery     $14
(organic celery juice undiluted)



Beet Blend       $12
(organic beet, orange, spinach, blueberry, cherry, blackberry)

*blood oxygenation


Green Blend           $12
(organic kale, romaine, celery, cucumber, green grape, green apple, kiwi)

*energy, detoxification


Grapefruit Blend $12
(organic grapefruit, pineapple, strawberries, celery)

Orange Slices

Viral Guard          $10
(organic orange, grapefruit, lemon peel)

*HCQ viral protection


Pure Earth Energy $12
(organic Reishi, Lion's mane and Chaga mushrooms, Fulvic/Humic, electrolytes, raw cocoa)

*energy, mid-day pickup


Liquid Sunshine    
(cherry, lemon, fresh turmeric, ginger roots, raw honey)

*C Boost, inflammation
*8 oz bottle $28
*2 oz bottle $8.50

Horrible Juice.jpg

Horrible Juice Blend
(organic dandelion, cilantro, pineapple, wheatgrass)

*Detox heavy metals, spike proteins
*8 oz bottle $20
*2 oz shot $6.50

Organic Smoothies and Iced Blends

Kickstart your day with our smoothie blends, crafted from fresh veggies and fruits enhanced with healthy fats and proteins. Energize, optimize, and refuel your body to start your day with a wow.


Sunshine Smoothie  $10
(papaya, mango, 
pineapple, carrot, coconut water)

*GF / Vegan

Image by Magalie De Preux

Chai Peach         $10
(Chai tea, peaches, naked oatmilk)
*GF / Vegan


120 (3).jpg

Green Goddess $10
(mango, cilantro, mint, parsley, spinach, Tulsi tea)
*Detox, Energy
*GF / Vegan

strawberry smoothie.jpg

Strawberry Lychee Dragon Smoothie     $12
(strawberries, lychees, pink dragonfruit, coconut milk, naked oatmilk)

*GF / Vegan

Matcha mintshake.jpg

Matcha Mintshake  $12
(avocado, spinach, mint, matcha, coconut sugar, coconut milk, naked oatmilk)
*GF / Vegan


april smoothie.jpg

Rooibos Sunrise  $10
(strawberries, mango, carrot, coconut, rooibos tea,)
*GF / Vegan


Image by Alexander Mils

Electrolyte Remedy $14
(papaya, w
atermelon, mango, lime, electrolytes)

*GF / Vegan


Chocolate Protein Shake $14
(organic chocolate oatmilk, spinach, blueberries, avocado, our own Superfood nut seed based protein blend)
*GF / Vegan

may smoothie.jpg

Pineapple Burst  $10
(pineapple, banana, turmeric, coconut)
*GF / Vegan

Iced Chaga Cacao Coffee 1.jpg

Iced Chaga Coffee  $12 Frappe 
(chaga mushroom organic coffee naked oatmilk cane
*GF / Vegan

matcha frappe.jpg

Iced Matcha Coconut Frappe $12 
(Ceremonial Matcha naked oatmilk coconut milk powder coconut sugar)

*GF / Vegan

Add hemp hearts to any smoothie flavour! $0.50

pine tea.jpg

Healing Herbal Tea Blends      $10-12
*Rosehip Hibiscus Lemon Honey Zinger
*Tulsi Pine Mint Green

pine tea.jpg

Charcoal Lemon Water   $6
(fresh squeezed lemon, purified water, and charcoal powder)
*Detoxofication, Hangovers

"Mixology Magic" - Botanical Mocktails

Experience the art of botanical mixology at The Edible Journey's newly enhanced Zen patio! Indulge in our exquisite Mocktail Botanical Mixology Magic, skillfully crafted with fresh and vibrant ingredients. Immerse yourself in a moment of sensory delight and relaxation as you sip on these non-alcoholic masterpieces.
*Available on our Patio only*

Mixology Magic.jpg

Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade $12
(Fresh pressed local rhubarb juice, ruby strawberries, our Lemon and Vanilla Simple Syrups blended with ice)
*GF / Vegan

Pineapple Ginger Mint Mojito $10
(Fresh pineapple and garden mint blended into an organic cane sugar simple syrup, topped with a bold Ginger Beer. Served over ice. 
*GF / Vegan

Strawberry Basil Shrub                      $10
(French strawberries and basil muddled with cane sugar and wine vinegar topped with Elderflowers Sparking Infusion and soda water. Served over ice.
*GF / Vegan

Grapefruit Earl Grey Paloma Twist      $10
Sparkling Grapefruit soda with Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla Simple Syrup. Served over ice.

*GF / Vegan

Guava Passionfruit Sparkler           $10
Pure passionfruit puree stirred with Guava and Vanilla Simple Syrup, topped with soda water. Served over ice.
*GF / Vegan


French Lavender Lemonade $12
(French lavender petals, lemon simple syrup, purified water)

*GF / Vegan

Hot Drinks and Superfood Lattes


Kicking Horse Organic Coffee $6
with organic cream or organic oat milk, cane sugar, coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup.

059 (2).jpg

Earl Grey Chocolate  Latte $9
Infused into Naked oatmilk with dark or milk chocolate
*GF / DF option


Matcha Coconut        $9

Infused into Naked oatmilk and barely sweet
*GF / Vegan

Reishi Superfood Hot Chocolate $10
Our own special blend of mushrooms, turmeric, cinnamon, with a hint of cane sugar.
*GF / Vegan


Minty Blues Latte $9
Infused into Naked oatmilk Green mint tea raw cacao butter Butterfly Pea Flower cane sugar
*GF / Vegan


Pink Flamingo Latte $9
Infused into Naked oatmilk and coconut milk strawberry chocolate Rooibos tea beet powder
*GF / Vegan

Organic Teas                   $5
Chai, Chamomile, Dandelion Root, Earl Grey, Echinacea, English Breakfast, Gunpowder Green, Hibiscus, Moroccan Mint,  Rosehip, Rooibos, Tulsi,

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