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Vitality Coaching  is where you might explore ways

you can build on what you are eating

to enhance the benefits of including nutrient rich ingredients

plant foods, super foods, more leafy green veggies, and so forth   

It focuses on easy ways you can create a nourishing whole foods diet,  

and incorporate clean eating into your family or lifestyle. 


Vitality Coaching can also be where you share your challenges,

your triggers, what causes you to engage in unhealthy behaviors,

how to reduce the impact stress can have on your body -

through finding connections within your behavior and creating awareness.   

How you feed yourself is intrinsically intertwined with your emotional health, 

coping with anxiety and uncertainty as we are,  

your sense of self-worth, self-care, family beliefs,

stressors in your life, your perspective, and there's more.

Often connections arise you had not seen before.  

  As we fear for and become protective of our primal physical health

this becomes a time to focus on nourishing our mental health. 

Just reaching out for support is sometimes enough to feel reconnected,

to find inspiration, to grow together through our challenges.

This "new normal" can be an opportunity to re-balance and re-prioritize

  to emerge from this experience re-energized. 


*Confidentiality is assured by Ellen Lacroix under The Edible Journey which adheres to all related privacy laws and is strictly maintained. 

I am offering this service for free to anyone who wishes to connect,

although if you are in a position to offer any amount, it will help my family to buy some things we need  during this time and would be truly appreciated. 

Again, this would be by your offer only and not otherwise mentioned.

I am offering a gift certificate in exchange for any financial contribution which can be used for any of my culinary services at a later date.   

*or future coaching if you live too far away*

Ellen Lacroix
The Edible Journey
519 851-3266
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