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Microsoft Encarta Kids 2013 Torrent Download




The most recent version, Encarta 2006, was discontinued in 2009 and replaced by the Microsoft Encarta 2010, an improved version of Encarta 2009. Encarta Kids was a free companion to the main program. Encarta Kids was retired in 2010. Encarta Kids, an online encyclopedia, used similar design to Microsoft Encarta and Encarta Online. It was different from its sister program in that it used its own code to create its content. It was hosted on Microsoft's MSN servers. The program was available in the United States, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia and Japan. Versions Encarta 1990–2001 Encarta Kids The interface and navigation of the Encarta Kids program was the same as Encarta. Some of the topics were similar to those of Encarta while others were more like a less detailed Kids encyclopedia. In version 5, the Kids Encyclopedia was housed in a separate browser. In this browser the child could click on encyclopedia entries to view other encyclopedia articles related to the specific topic. In version 5, the main Encarta Kids encyclopedia was housed in a web browser. This version did not have the capability to store information and so it was available only for online viewing. Encarta Kids was made available in the following editions: Encarta Kids: Windows 95/Windows NT 4/Windows 98/Windows Me Encarta Kids: Windows 2000 Encarta Kids: Windows XP Encarta Kids: Mac OS X Encarta Kids: Linux The Windows version of Encarta Kids had the following changes from version 5: A new window layout for the Encyclopedia. A button was added to the "Help" section to launch the Encarta Kids Help Guide. The "Help" window could be closed, and the Encarta Kids Help Guide opened automatically when you started Encarta. A new "Help" topic was added: "How to use Encarta Kids". Encarta Kids was discontinued in 2003. Microsoft cited "we have decided to not pursue a version of Encarta Kids for new releases." Encarta Kids Home Edition The Encarta Kids Home Edition was a version of the Encarta Kids that could be downloaded and installed on PCs. Encarta 2006–2008 Encarta Kids from Encarta Online 2006 The home edition program was discontinued in 2010 and replaced with



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Microsoft Encarta Kids 2013 Torrent Download
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