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This Unwind Self-Care Collection offers your stressed out loved one an opportunity to truly unwind!  Beginning with a long relaxing bath, bathing in the relaxing effects of lavender and chamomile, they can then massage Intentional Self-Care Balm into their sore muscles and tender areas.  The Clarity Wonder Oil rubbed onto the back of their neck will ease their minds and smooth away any tension or headaches.  Moving them into bed, the pillow and room spray will set the stage for a good night sleep and finally resting the relaxing smells of lavender and chamomile onto their eyes with the eye pillow your loved one will awaken refreshed and rejuvinated.  Give the gift of love to someone you know who could use it!  

"Unwind" Self Care Collection

  • Pick up at 205 Main St Port Stanley *call 519 614-3266 to schedule time*

    Items can be hand delivered at no charge throughout London, St Thomas, Port Stanley or close proximity.  

    Items can be shipped via Canada Post either regular mail or expresspost - shipping costs will be determined at time of shipping and added to your total.  All reasonable efforts are made to use eco friendly packaging to reduce our environmental footprint, and appropriate sized shipping containers to keep costs to a minimum.  Thank you for your support!

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