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A delightfully uplifting and effective organic "Wonder" oil blend especially created for times of mental stress or headaches.  Bursting with the clarity and cooling effect of Peppermint, Wintergreen and Spearmint blended with undertones of Lavender, Frankencense, Basil, Coriander, Rosemary and Roman Chamomile.  Base oils of Arnica and Poppyseed complete the healing and pain relieving effects. 

***Ask us about the benefits of CBD and why it is being widely used now for natural pain relief!

10ml size

 *Please keep out of reach of children, and consult your Holistic Healthcare Practitioner with any precautions to using this product. 


Clarity Wonder Oil

  • If you have any issues, or are unhappy with any of my products please call, or reach out to me directly so that I might have a chance to ensure your happiness. 

    ***While as much as possible is organic, and using ingredients created in compliance with Mother Nature in all of my products, please keep in mind that does not ensure against a possible allergic reaction to any given ingredient.  Like food, your body and skin will tell you when something is not good for it.  Allergic reactions can have many sumptoms, some more severe than others including death.  Please read ingredients carefully and feel free to call me with any questions related to my products.  I cannot answer questions as to whether something would work with your specific body or skin type, however I can tell you what each ingredient is for, how it is derived and how it is used in the formula.   When in doubt please reach out to your Holistic Health Care practitioner for guidance.  You assume responsible for choosing which ingredients to use on or put in your body.  You can reach me directly at 519 851-3266, or by email at

    Thank you, and I hope you will love my products as much as the love that goes into them reflects. 

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