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The Springtime of your life

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

With Spring comes a time for renewal, regrowth, detoxification and cleansing. It is a time to let go of the old and nurture new growth.

We all love that great feeling, after cleaning up the yard, or purging a dark closet, or even just that feeling when the house is freshly cleaned and smelling like lemons or oranges. A weight has been lifted, our mind is lighter, we feel inspired and calmer. I like to go back and admire my work over and over again to capture that feeling of order and accomplishment.

physical order contributes to mental order and calmness

There are several things that happen when we feel good like this. First, we have left behind what I like to call a "heavy". Or, when you think about the cluttered closet, the dirty house, the bad habit, the dead leaves and sticks uncovered by the melting snow, a heavy energy blankets us. When we complete an "Act of Renewal" we lift that energy - you could say it "lifts your spirits".

The more "Acts of Renewal" you do the lighter you feel, your stress levels go down, you are creating positive energy, things are getting accomplished, and you are giving yourself space to grow, perhaps in a new direction.

Try a monthly or weekly Act of Renewal!

Keep a journal or chart so when you look back you can see how all the changes you have made over the weeks add up to epic shifts in your health and happiness! think "good vibrations!

Honor and validate your Acts of Renewal in a journal

Here is a list of perfect springtime Acts of Renewal I have, or will be incorporating into my routine. If not this spring then the next, or the next... or some might feel so good you will want to do them every Spring!

- I am going to show some vulnerability and say yes, I will take off my winter "hair" tights. Every spring.

- start some vegetable seedlings indoors to plant in my garden or in pots outdoors when it gets warmer. Nurture life and yourself!

- update my files and accounting books, organize bills and set a budget *not all at once!*

- clean up my desk, wipe my computer, get rid of outdated sticky notes and "to do" lists

- pick an area of my house to purge, clean and reorganize. Make room for new more useful things to come into your life.

- go for a walk in the woods and just breathe, and listen to the stillness. Renew my mind.

- delete phone record and old texts on my phone or computer. Clean out folders, old emails, contacts you don't remember...

- paint - transform a room, a wall, a picture filled with my favorite color combinations.

- pick a habit to let go of, and a new healthier habit to replace it with.

- clean out my fridge, wipe jar rims, under the crispers, group similar items together

- run a cleaning cycle through my washing machine with a little vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda, and a drop of essential oil.

- get a haircut, take my boys for haircuts.

- do a home facial with honey, fresh strawberries and kelp powder.

- use my "Glow SkinFood" salt scrub to exfoliate my skin

- have a detoxifying bath with with seaweeds, salts, essential oils, some lime wedges - yes, feed your senses!

- prepare a giant vegetable salad for lunch or dinner with lots of greens and herbs

- wash the curtains and hang back up to dry

- vacuum out the car, get a car wash - even though the shine will only last until the next wet day.

- send an email, complete a form or take care of something I have been putting off.

- prep some meals for the week, or make some healthy car snacks.

- go to a group, or meeting, or explore an interest that makes me feel alive.

- use up some of those items way at the back or bottom of my freezer. Get rid of anything mysterious (I'll remember!) and freezer burnt.

- drop a load of gently loved items to a donation place. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!

- go to a garden store and buy a plant... or two... or 12. Put them all in one place when i get home and just enjoy their company,

- go to a yoga class, or for a long walk somewhere in nature, or lie in the sunshine one day when it pours through my window.

- listen to music, and dance wildly. Many cleaning tasks have been abandoned for breathless sweaty dance-a-thons in my living room.

There are literally a million Acts of renewal, large or small you could incorporate into your life. A half an hour of time invested boosts my energy level like a kale parsley smoothie! Food your body - Nourish your spirit!

Speaking of green smoothies - try this detoxifying Green Goddess Elixer - full of vitality! vibrant with fresh herbs, spinach, frozen mango and I usually use homemade herbal iced tea or coconut water for the liquid. You can even add half an avocado or some chia seeds for an extra boost! Click on the picture for the recipe!

We accomplish so much more, and have far more fun when we walk our journey with someone to share it with!

This has a huge impact on keeping us motivated and moving forward towards our goals!

Need some advice on how to eat a more whole foods plane based diet? Is it time to take a breath and commit to your health?

Dreaming of blossoming into a happy balanced spirit with more time for yourself and your true priorities?

Connect with Ellen!

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