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Salads, Bowls and Meals

Indulge in our homemade selection of vibrant creations designed to nourish every part of you - body, skin, mind, spirit. We are dedicated to using organic, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible. 

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DRYVE DELIVERY Service will be coming

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Delivering Take-Out from our local restaurants

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Fresh Rainbow Rolls                    
Rice Vermicelli noodles, carrot, purple cabbage, cucumber, mango, mint and cilantro, marinated organic tofu or organic chicken wrapped in rice papers with our delicious Peanut Sauce.
*GF / Vegan  $16
*GF / Vegan with organic Tofu $20
*GF with Organic Grilled Chicken $24

FRESH Salads and Bowls


Mango Salad
mango, carrot, cilantro, mint, peppers,
Toasted Sesame Lime Dress

*Gf / Vegan


Grilled Chicken High Protein Caesar
organic kale and romaine, chickpea pasta, white beans, fresh corn, tomato, red onion, parmesan, GF croutons, crumbled egg, organic grilled chicken with our own Garlicky Caesar Dress


Energizing Greens
organic leafy greens, seasonal fresh and roasted veggies, org quinoa, seeds
Green Goddess Tahini Dress

*GF / Vegan

Grilled Halloumi Greek Salad.jpg

Greek Lentil Halloumi Bowl
Earthy Arugula, green lentils, cucumber, tomato, red onion topped with marinated grilled Halloumi Cheese, olives, fresh mint avocado and toasted pine nuts. Dressed in our Greek Herb Vinaigrette.
*GF/Vegetarian/Vegan option
*Add Vegan Feta $3

Potato Salad.jpg

Purple Potato Salad
organic spring greens, potato, asparagus, green beans, celery, egg
Purple Sweet Potato Dress

*GF / Vegan option


Satay Tofu Buddha Bowl
kale, napa cabbage, quinoa, peppers, cucumber, purple cabbage, carrot, mung bean sprouts, organic tofu satay
Peanut Sauce

*GF / Vegan


Oolong Smoked Salmon Bowl
Grilled organic romaine, grilled organic local green onions, grilled asparagus, baby potatoes, cucumber, heirloom carrot ribbons, organic micro greens, crumbled free range duck egg, smoked oolong tea-poached salmon. Drizzled with our Creamy Dill Dress.
*GF / Vegetarian Option


Small Plates

Salsa and Chips.jpg

Salsa and Chips
Housemade seasonal salsa with GF Jalapeno Tortilla Chips

*GF / Vegan

Halved Avocado
Grazing Plate.jpg

Heirloom Veggie /
Hummus Grazing Box

seasonal grilled and fresh veggies drizzled in our Chimichurri Sauce,
GF crackers, Hummus

*GF / Vegan
Add Vegan Feta Wedges   $4

Pepepr Poppers.jpg

Pepper Poppers
Jalapeno and mini peppers stuffed with almond based vegan cream cheese and wrapped in crispy bacon
or not.

*GF/DF with bacon   $16
*GF/Vegan   $12

samosas 3.jpg

Veggie Samosas (x2)
stuffed with potato, peas, corn, and delightful spices.

With Tamarind Sauce or Cilantro Mint Yogurt Sauce
*Vegan   $10

Avocado Toast
Grilled GF bagel with almond based cream cheese, avocado petals with herbs and edible flowers
*GF / Vegan

Add to any salad, bowl or meal:
3 slices hormone-free bacon   $4
Extra dressing/sauce   $3
Vegan Feta   $3

Organic chicken   $8
Avocado   $3

On The Cozier Side...


Soup of our Whim 
Our daily seasonal soup creation.
Served with a side of crispy chickpea puffs.

*GF / Vegan option
*Vegan $11.50
*Meat $13.50

Hearty Veggie Burger                    $21
Our Veggie Burger of the day served on a whole grain bun with crispy greens and our perfectly paired toppings. Served with a side Sweet Potato Wedges and Brazilian Aioli
*GF option / DF / Vegan option

Sweet Potato Chickpea Veggie Burgers 6.jpg
Black Bean Toastadas.jpg

Black Bean Tostada              $18
Soft corn tortillas topped with smashed black beans, fresh corn, broccoli, red onion, roasted squash, kale and our Green Chile Cashew Queso Sauce. Served with a side of reen Chile Cashew Queso Sauce, green onions, and organic micro greens.
*GF / Vegan

Lemon Scented Ricotta Waffles   $20
Two fluffy waffles served with fresh seasonal fruit, Maple Rhubarb Compote and pure local Maple Syrup.

*NOW Gluten-free!
*Add a third waffle  $7
*Extra Maple Syrup  $4


Free-Range Duck Egg Omelette      $21
Fluffy 3 egg (free-range duck eggs) omelette with seasonal veggies, baby spinach and our house-made Cashew Cheese, served alongside greens and roasted sweet potatoes, topped with fresh tomato, bacon crumbles and our favourite smoked sea salt.
*Add hormone-free bacon (3 slices) $4
*GF / DF 

Additional All Day Breakfast items available for delivery Saturdays Sundays and Holiday Mondays ONLY

Savoury Veggie Pancake               $18
Seasonal veggies in a savoury batter panfried into a thin pancake.  Topped with our house-made Kimchi, scallions and our Toasted Sesame Dipping Sauce
*Add hormone-free bacon $4
*GF / Vegan

veggie potato pancakes.jpg
breakfast bowl.jpg

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl              $18
Half fruit smoothie, half organic chocolate oatmeal, topped with super seeds, our housemade chocolate granola, banana slices and a peanut swirl

*GF / Vegan

Yogurt Parfait                              $15
Creamy Riviera Coconut Vanilla Yogurt topped with our house-made Chocolate Superfood Granola and fresh berries
*GF / Vegan

yogurt parfait.jpg
granola 2.jpg

Chocolate Superfood Granola         $16
Served with berries and organic Naked oat milk.
*GF / Vegan

Everything All Day Muffins           $12
3 muffins loaded with carrot, apple, spinach, berries, seeds, dried fruit with a hint of cinnamon and cardamom. Served with Maple Rhubarb Compote.
*GF / Vegan
*Add organic almond butter $3


Prepare to experience the magic of "superfoods" and nutrient-rich ingredients hidden within our dishes. Pamper your taste buds guilt-free knowing that many of our offerings are vegan and gluten free and cater to various dietary preferences.

At The Edible Journey, we've made it our mission to effortlessly infuse health and vibrancy into your lifestyle, making wellness an 
accessible journey to allJoin us in savouring the goodness that comes from the earth to your plate, one morsel at a time.

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