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Our Telegraph House location is currently (but only temporarily) closed.

It's too cold to sit on our patio,

and we are open with all our healthy offerings

at the Fire Hall Market just down the street!

*Click HERE for more information and pictures of our market booth

*Click HERE to see our detailed menu of Market offerings

We are still here every day in our cozy inspiring eclectic kitchen,

cooking up a storm to stock our Market booth with healthy goodness...

We whip up classy party food and tedious appetizers for catering events,

and package healthy lunches for corporate workshops...

We make special deliveries to people who can't get down to the market...

We put together Cleanse and Detox Packages,  Nourishing Greens Boxes,

Food Fairy and Meal Prep Packages

We listen to loud music, and sing out loud,  dance like banshees

and sometimes wear clean pyjamas to work...

So while our doors may be closed,

we are still very busy doing what we love to keep you healthy!

If you would like to speak with us (Ellen) for any reason

call 519 614-3266

We (she) would love to hear from you!

See you when the weather warms up!

(If all goes well, we hope to offer heated patio entertaining next winter - Yaaay!)

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